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FASHION | 14.06.2022

Shoes for all moods in your closet!

Get to know the favorites of #VizzanoLovers that are already available in physical and online stores throughout the country.

If long ago it was necessary to renew the closet every three months, now this idea has been left in the past. Women want to invest in trends that impress beauty and comfort to the same extent, something that can be felt in the minimalism and in the flexibility that modern designs bring us. There is this freedom in the air and the chance to bet on items never used before, such as exuberant heels that interact with the office look, and intense colors that come out of the night to play a leading role in the day.

Everything is suitable to compose relaxed and sophisticated outfits in the blink of an eye, whether it's hot, cold, or rainy. And it is with this mindset that we reveal which shoes #VizzanoLovers are looking for to compose perfect outfits in all seasons!!


The color is fuchsia

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Megatrend of 2022, fuchsia is trending and has meanings related to femininity and sensuality, which can be explored all year long. The color is Vizzano's highlight, contemplating the classic pumps, which is the it shoe of every woman, and the triangle heel sandal with ankle lace-up.

Spoiler: geometry-inspired heels are the statement of the moment!

Tractor Sole and knit

Imposing, the combat boot's tractor sole proves that fashion is cyclical and the advantage is in the robust design that aligns with zippers and buckles. Bringing boldness to utilitarian fashion, whose name itself says a lot: items that, besides style, offer functionality to everyday life, creating a total "ready for everything" mood!

And it is the "ready for everything" even though it includes the presence of the knit. A word that refers to the mesh that has become the must-have of boots. Bringing comfort and coziness to the looks.

Glow and neon

Glow is glow, and there' s nothing to debate! Always present on the street style and on the feeds, this glamour has won over the fashionistas who add it to their looks in any occasion. Accompanying the neon effect that the lime green shade causes, dialoguing with the powerful return of color blocking (which does not get intimidated between the maxi and the minimal)

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