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FASHION | 27.05.2022

A-listers: shoes with triangle heel

The sculptural version has gained ground and combines a trend that brings design and art together.

Parading up and down, attracting the attention of those who love design, art, architecture, and fashion, are they: triangle heels! On the radar of current trends, the shape has arrived to confirm that the day by day can be fashionista, stylish, and very comfortable when it comes to celebrating feminine pride.

This new fashion joins sculptural heels, which dominate the feet of celebrities and fashion influencers. This category hit the catwalks in 2017, and so geometry-inspired shoes with designs in circles, squares, and the aforementioned triangle began to appear and win the street style.

Since then, the must-have, which also celebrates the 80s and 90s, has been expanded and remains a favorite in real life and on feeds. It is a must-have for all seasons!

#VizzanoLovers + triangle heel

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The triangle heel can be adapted to several footwear designs, such as sandals, boots, pumps, and mules. In addition, it attracts for being a structured heel, offering more comfort. Today, urban fashion embraces the exclusive, which takes it out of the comfort zone, while incorporating amazing geometries (which includes bold cutouts) into the ensembles. The idea of how to wear them is to give them full focus on the looks, especially because the moment is of intense colors, the ones that step out of the ordinary.

And it is real how excited fashionistas are about this trend and how they want to include it in their closet right now! Vizzano has prepared many options to suit all style moods allied to shades that are on the rise: fuchsia, lime green, tile, and pink.

Check out our new releases and make sure to get the one that will deliver your #powerlook of the time!



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