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MODA | 19.01.2024

Coastal Aesthetic: Shining On Sand And Concrete

Inspired by the resort aesthetic, the sports shoes, bags, and sunglasses from Vizzano deliver everything to achieve iconic fashion from the urban vibe to the seaside


The beach mood (or coastal aesthetic, trending on TikTok) has arrived in the city. Palm trees, sun, shade, fresh water, and a breeze on your face. These sensations have been translated into the resort collections, which flirt insistently with the season. The usual pastel shades are joined by bright tones, soft glow, light fabrics, and relaxed tailoring. The concept, envisioned by Coco Chanel and also known as 'cruise', evokes a travel-inspired vibe. So, even with no destination in sight, this season overflows with a stripped-down chic atmosphere inspired by the seaside.


Inspired by the laid-back and chic vibe of a seaside vacation, the resort aesthetic is a must-have in closets around the world. And the best part is that it brings the beach vibe to the urban hustle and bustle, creating casual looks with elegance. It is worth betting on plain materials in sober tones and tropical floral prints up to navy stripes, carrying a little piece of paradise. Then, just combine it with more structured pieces and create a fascinating contrast for the day-by-day.


Sunny Fashion

Vizzano accompanies you on this journey, delivering a lot of fashion and refreshment. The handbag ensures total glamour in the dress code with reference to the neutral nuances - straw and nude - with strategic gold dots, as well as the ultra-modern V signature. By the way, the metallic aesthetic also comes as a statement finish on the sneaker. The iconic white sneaker from the brand gives the outfit an upgrade with gold details and the addition of sparkles on the upper, updating the streetwear.


And to match the sunset, the cat eye glasses by Vizzano, with its transparent frame and non-polarized acrylic lenses with UV protection, is a key piece to transform any outfit and instantly elevate your style, taking advantage of the very functional case as a mini shoulder bag. Success


Como lanzadora de moda, Vizzano celebra la personalidad de mujeres sofisticadas que conocen muy bien su propio estilo.


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