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Just because we love a good trend!

And as usual, Vizzano keeps you up to date with all the novelties and reveals the newest color-desire of the moment: mint green.

A hit among fashionistas, a certain shade has been moving - we should say shaking - the fashion world and has even been the hottest color, recently, at the Venice Film Festival. Actresses Taylor Russell and Tessa Thompson were on the celebrities' team, who chose green to walk through the red carpet. Specializing in predicting consumer and lifestyle trends, the global company WGSN has already set the shade as one of the main bets for the season.

Owner of countless shades, from dark to incandescent, and already named, as emerald green, lime, moss, and military, the green now surprises the chromatic palette through the mint, the it color of the moment. Assertive promise for upbeat outfits, the fresh aesthetic is on the rise and comes to update the closet of #VizzanoLovers, revealing itself as a phenomenon on the catwalks and street style.

It is easy to keep the beloved shade close by due to its power of magnetism. In chromotherapy, it has a calming and natural effect. In Feng Shui, it is associated with family and energy, and in spirituality, it calls for new beginnings, positivity, and fulfillment. How about bringing this good-vibes package to your closet?


High voltage

If you intend to spread attitude and good mood, the tip is to invest in this trend for vibrant combinations and hot outfits. Vizzano has compiled four different styles for you to abuse the color on your dress code:



All green. The monochromatic looks print a minimalist mood with pieces in a single shade and give the optical illusion of lengthening the silhouette. You can go from casual to sophisticate by a simple choice of accessories. The Vizzano mini bag is a great complement with chain handles and luxurious texture in glitter, in tune with the mint shade, which makes the look seem anything but obvious!


Ton Sur Ton

The French expression means "tone on tone" and has strongly arrived in urban compositions. The secret is to coordinate different shades or play with the depth of colors when putting together your creations. The new Vizzano sandal attracts glances with its leaf shape, flare heel, and details in stones, pulling the power of mint green.

Color Blocking

The fever of the moment, the color block formed by the use of plain, contrasting, and intense colors, delivers a spotless and cheerful result. The variety of shades gives the opportunity for amazing overlaps. You can harmonize mint green with purple, cobalt blue, pink, and coral. 


Match com neutral colors

The mint mix with neutral options such as white, off-white, black, gray, and jeans is a sure hit in sporty and basic proposals. But, if you are looking for a cool touch, the high-top design of the new Vizzano collection with the combination of mauve pink, Sicilian, and mint gives a touch of casualness with a lot of personality.



Como lanzadora de moda, Vizzano celebra la personalidad de mujeres sofisticadas que conocen muy bien su propio estilo.


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