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FASHION | 10.03.2021

Sneaker + dress: a fashionista partnership

Check it out how to wear this combo that has invaded the women's dress code.

Sneakers with dress is super in and in all seasons and situations! It is a beloved duo among fashionistas, after all, it aligns practicality, comfort and style. Precisely for this reason, the combination is a favorite of names such as Manu Gavassi, Bruna Marquezine, Rihanna and Katie Holmes, and is among the most searched references on Pinterest.
But how did this trend come about? It all started 3 years ago, but the origin of this trend truly came from more seasons ago with the macro trend of style and comfort, which rescued the use of sneakers, especially the white model, super versatile and that took over streetwear looks. Then came the casual options, which conquered women with their comfortable and functional design.
And today, in addition to the models already mentioned, women have a huge universe of shoes to coordinate with the dress: chunky sneakers (with their heavier appearance are an ideal counterpoint for light and delicate dresses), with flatform soles and easywear versions (without laces). The products fit the workleisure fashion-the trend that mixes comfort with style and an athleisure touch.

You know what? The sneakers match practically with all dresses, see here the list of some of them:

- Long dress (perfect for hi-lo productions);
- Short;
- Breezy dress (more loose and super comfortable);
- Party dresses or slip dresses, perfect with sneakers in glam and luxurious details, ideal for the dress up Friday;
- More classic and timeless pieces, such as the wrap dress (envelope dress).

If the temperature drops, no problem, that's because the duo looks amazing also with a third piece - with cardigans and jackets. Oh, and if you want an oufit full of sophistication, bet on models with more fitted and noble fabrics, such as chiffon or silk, it looks amazing! Slit dresses are also great for bold styling, with their hide and show game.

So, fashion woman, what is your favorite sneaker to wear with dresses?


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