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FASHION | 10.03.2021

Heel cup: the heel appeal that has conquered trendsetters all over the world

The shoe, led to the must-have category, reveals that luxury, can (and should!) make a presence in everyday looks.

Did you notice that suddenly, screen style was invaded by countless models of sandals and shoes with cup heels? Well, just you know that this it shoe-influenced by the aesthetics of the 70s and at the time called flared heels –also incorporates inspirations from the 90s with its architectural and, at the same time, futuristic shape. It is a perfect mix of stiletto heel (thin) and flare, that is, more open at the base. There can't be a more statement shoe, ever!

Heels with differentiated models have been standing out in recent seasons and this fashion had already begun to emerge in the ready to wear shows in 2017, when the first products with geometric inspiration appeared, in square, triangular and rectangular designs. The novelty gradually became a fever and took over the feeds and outfits of women around the world, including celebrities and influencers, becoming the object of desire. They are lush models that do not get off the feet of names like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner.

It is a shoe that elevates any fashion inspo instantly, with its ultra-sophisticated mood. And the list of reasons to compose your wishlist doesn't stop there, after all, the products with this heel give a lot of comfort and stability when walking precisely by the presence of the widest base.

And if you still have any doubt about how to wear it, Vizzano has curated it, with stylings that are pure inspiration for your everyday looks!



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