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FASHION | 28.01.2022

The colorful shoes that will elevate the look of your outfits

Touch of color is the essential detail that can not be missing in the closet of fashionistas!

The basic black is a wildcard, but the colorful shoes are gaining space in the heart of fashion influencers. Even the shades that are part of the "neutral team" are in high demand, yielding the same possibilities of coloring the look.

Flashy, bold and full of style, the colorful shoes have won the latest international fashion shows and awards, with the it-girls betting on the most varied combinations. Engaging the super trend of risking and investing in bolder outfits.

And this season is about that! Exclusive shades with a capital E, which stimulate positivity and vibration, and which, at the same time, elevate the status of fashionista! Despite the variety of shades and models, there are those who still feel afraid when it comes to betting on pieces that attract a lot of attention and, therefore, end up not knowing how to apply colors in day to day.  Don't worry! It is possible to be a risk-taker!

The #VizzanoLovers can follow the tips we have prepared, so there is no mistake when it comes to creating a more colorful production. The initial secret is to choose the most vibrant tone and treat it as a strategic point, as the focus will be directed to the featured color while the other pieces remain neutral, without creating a charged look.

Colorful and glamorous season

Opting for a colorful shoe with a neutral outfit, you find the balance and leave the whole highlight to your feet. A great option for those who want to test colors, in a subtle way, is the moccasin, which has gained an update in the jeans tone — which leads to women's closets a new way to adhere to color, without leaving the refined airs in the background.

Another valuable tip is to combine the predominant color of the shoe with another piece of clothing, where it is possible to achieve more exuberance. In addition, you will not feel insecure about the amount of nuances in production. For this powerful match, the sandal that already comes with the #trendalert of high summer 2022: the lime green. The model also brings the triangle heel, which became the darling of the season. The mix between yellow and green causes a luxurious satin effect and a stunning neon contrast.

Mixing trends never hurts, especially when we talk about shoes! Vizzano's clog comes with the warm tone of the moment: pink. In addition, details that won the hearts of celebrities and people longing for the 90s: acrylic heels and transparent vinyl. It has become a sensation and is synonymous with pure glamour!

Flats with gradient effect straps are on the absolute rise in the women's closet. Making the outfits authentic, besides being the perfect mix between sophistication and convenience.

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