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FASHION | 23.05.2022

On the radar: fuchsia, the most desired color of 2022

This color shade will be around for a long time and you can join it with Vizzano.

Fuchsia gained the spotlight when it was called Orchid Flower, becoming a megatrend dictated by WGSN (website responsible for trend forecasting) - which established it as the key color of 2022. In times when happy fashion is on the rise, enabling the use of bright shades that are a hit on the feeds, street style, and store windows, the collections, including Vizzano, are dominated by bold chromatic palettes to take women's closets out of the comfort zone. 

And fuchsia is certainly #bold! The color is perfect to compose remarkable and powerful looks, or simply add a touch of illumination to a basic outfit. But the real and official success is in monochrome and, now, in the return of color blocking which, look how cool it is, dictates more than one intense shade in the same outfit. Check it out: with green, orange, or blue, you can set very fashionable chromatic chords. If you are a minimalist, neutral and earthy tones create looks with great focal points.

More fuchsia, please!

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You can see that the must-haves of the moment are shades with intense and energizing qualities, right? However, if you consider fuchsia too strong, don't worry! You can invest in the trend through accessories such as bags and earrings. You can also apply it to your office look, with jeans or matching key tailoring shades, such as gray, for a sophisticated look. The possibilities are endless!

As in the shoes from Vizzano that are unmissable and prove how the fuchsia fits the different styles of  #VizzanoLovers and the trends – a highlight for sculptural and acrylic heels + kitten heel with the bold lace-up at the ankle.

Without a doubt, fuchsia is here to elevate your perfect look at any time! 



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