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FASHION | 09.03.2021

On the wishlist of fashionistas: sandals with transparency!

They are the key piece for that glam factor in the outfit of the day.

The transparencies trend made its fashion debut in the 90s. In the blink of an eye, we started to see and want to wear the famous “crystal heels”, which referred to the romanticized image of shoes inspired by Cinderella, a fairy tale that marked the female imagination.  

Since the fashion atmosphere is admittedly cyclical, revisiting great successes of the past with new appeals, behold, in 2021 we see ourselves desiring again shoes with this absolutely singular detail! Now, called clear heels (when the heel is transparent) and glass shoes (when the vinyl stars in the upper, whether in the straps that accompany the silhouette of the feet, maybe rising on the ankles, or arranged in bold cutouts in the construction), its particularity is to play hide and reveal. Bringing a perfect alignment with the dress code we are currently using.

A similar situation happened to the square toe, which carried out its own revolution last year thanks to the sharp look of trendsetters. And with transparency it was no different. In this case, the trend was captained by the influencers of the digital universe, who promptly took over clear heels and glass shoes, flooding the feeds of social networks. The result? Excited women and the immediate increase in the searches and consumption of these shoes.

The credit of this fashionista fanfare has a name: Kim Kardashian. In 2016, she was the main risk-taker, teaching on a global scale the entry of translucent items into the everyday look. Updated, vinyl and transparency, especially in footwear, take a BFF position in the closet and in productions, as well as valuing female power and sensuality.

Effect model

Have you seen how much the signature aesthetics of sandals with transparency has evolved? They have become even more glamorous thanks to studs, bright colors that come out of the basics and metallic finishes. Including, with the type of heel, such as flare heels (Cup heel that, also, is on-trend). With so much new information, the secret is to use it as a differential element. 

If you are adept of a low profile look, but doesn't give up privileging a statement piece in the outfit, the get inspired here is to seek neutrality in the pieces, leaving the focal point for the footwear. How? In clothing, invest in textures for a homogeneous appearance or in warm tones, as long as the nuances are within the same color scheme, ok?


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