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FASHION | 18.03.2022

Jeans: the trend that matches any shoes and bags!

And also, #VizzanoLovers, it never goes off the radar and can be styled according to your personality.

New seasons arrive and the highlights soon fall on the fashion radar. The fashion shows, the experts from the fashion world, and the Vizzano curators, of course, place their bets of what you can't miss on your wishlist, and today we have a post in this mood!

Regardless of all this activity, there is a timeless wild card: jeans. Trends come and go, and even the diversity of colors, and its presence keeps on being in the fashionistas' taste. Whether with new shapes or exclusive finishing details (that you created it yourself and just rocked it!), the piece is worn in many ways.

Let's take advantage of jeans' status to show how to wear and combine them with Vizzano's best sellers!

Jeans shorts

Key piece of the closet! Informal, it is used for different occasions during high temperatures and can be used for an office look. When the weather drops, women do their best with tights or authentic overlays (and this outfit even matches with a variety of boots). Acclaimed, it can be combined with a sneaker and a t-shirt, if the outfit is casual. Or heels, shirt, and glitter for a super cool look. Both examples can count on the mule that enhances even the accessories. No mistake!

Wide leg

Wide leg is all over the place! This devotion is not by random, the pants are very comfortable, they fit all styles and look good on all bodies. It is so versatile that you can create different looks, especially sophisticated ones.



Even on hot days it is possible to wear some type of jeans. With the right model, you can reveal your feminine power in the same outfit. The wide pantacourt modeling is there to prove it. The short length gives more freedom to the feet.


Jeans Jacket


As the saying goes: take along your jacket, huh? A chilly wind or a cooler breeze can happen at some point. When it's time to get a garment to protect yourself, the most special option we always think of is the jeans jacket. Besides that, it also serves to complement the look, leaving it more casual.

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