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FASHION | 14.04.2022

They are here to stay: colorful ankleboots

With autumn-winter season getting closer, there is nothing better than updating your collection with Vizzano!

Little by little, the constant warm days, present in several regions of Brazil, is saying goodbye and opening up for mild/cold climates. Protagonists of the season, the boots are already prepared to embark on this season with something different: impactful colors!

Yes, no matter the shape, the material, the details, and even the temperature, colorful ankleboots are the focal point of today's streetstyle. From last year on, you surely heard about several trends bringing more color to the looks, such as the dopamine fashion. An example that has spread and inspired all areas of the women's closet.

Even reaching footwear, did you notice? White, tile, pink, and jeans are some examples that are on the radar and follow hot new trends, such as the neon-party - which calls for color blocking, which goes beyond the monochrome look to achieve originality. And, of course, to alternate between the established options of earthy tones.

And know that, along with the colors, this much-awaited period of the year will also feature inspirations from the 90's and many boots (many indeed!!) with bold design, such as those that coordinate neutral tones and puffer look (also called cushioned).

Perfect look by Vizzano

A pair of colorful ankle boots is a timeless investment! In addition to defining bold choices, giving opportunity for various statement combinations, the vibrancy of each design is versatile. These boots have the power to transform winter pieces into fresh, stylish looks, perfect for those who are ready to engage with the feeds.

To make no mistake, the safe option to wear this type of boot is to match it with neutral colors, such as black, white, or total jeans. By the way, the focal point rule applies here too, and you can compose the outfit from the deepest shade.

And as we mentioned in this post, you are allowed to explore several chromatic palettes at once, ranging from neon yellow to contrasting orange, for a balanced, cool, and authentic look. It's an amazing chance to explore new ways in fashion.

Ready for this new must-have? Check out below the most requested ankleboots from Vizzano and save room for your new fashiondarling!



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