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FASHION | 04.03.2022

Tips to transform outfits with statement shoes

Wanting to renovate your look? Come on, Vizzano shows you how!

It is always possible to adapt different pieces for different occasions, it only depends on the styling and personality. After all, when you list the footwear to compose the perfect look, including accessories, a single production can go to work and to happy hour.

Without a doubt, you already do this by using the tactics of coordinating a cool t-shirt with formal items. Or prints for something more rock and roll. With the latest releases by Vizzano, you'll see how you can go further and reinvent various proposals.

Clichés that we love and are timeless!

As we mentioned, one of the classic combinations that exists is the union between casual and formal. That's where the must-haves come in must-haves by Vizzano to vary the closet: sneaker and pumps (with metallic details and logomania). Regardless of the choice, the result is a relaxed and sophisticated outfit to the right extent!

Bet on the return of tailoring

On 2021 fashion shows, the tailoring was treading its way back to the heart of fashionistas around the world. Today, the style was reinterpreted as chic&comfy in order to meet female demands for more comfort while adopting what's on the radar. Integrating, also, the power of maximalism and minimalism. Between oversized sets or shirts, you will only need right focal points.

#TrendAlert: the two-tone effect between camel and beige turns the pumps into essential due to the conjunction of the new neutrals of the season. The tile red on the other hand is about rustic beauty.

Cut-out look

Did you know that cut-out literally means "to cut something out"? The presence of pieces that sometimes hide, sometimes reveal, the body or the feet, aroused the interest of trendsetters, especially for the desire to add an energy with more attitude. The tip is to follow the hollows and the cutouts so that the look is harmonious and assertive.

The success is so great that the trend had an increase in searches thanks to the character of Alexa Demie in Euphoria. The look debuted in the first episode of Season 2 of the series.

#TrendAlert: the cut-out is also about extravagance and sensuality, and boots with lug soles and rhinestones are perfect options. The same for the revered triangle heel that brushes glamour.

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