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FASHION | 27.04.2022

How to style lime green in everyday looks?

The closet will become more intense thanks to the chrome that has crossed the seasons and established itself as the darling of the time.

Lime green, also known as neon green, is really hot! After all, it is in the looks of fashionistas and celebrities. And, for those who think that the tone, which is quite eye-catching, can not be used on several occasions, it can even be used in office looks.

Before presenting the Vizzano collection with this shade, the trend came on the radar when the preppy look (a style that mixes the sporty mood with the college sophistication of prep schools) appeared on the street style in 2021. Soon, it boosted red carpet productions and the buzz created by actresses Kaley Cuoco and Michaela Coel put it in the spotlight in the monochrome. Making it the new essential.

There is no doubt that lime green makes you look stylish in seconds. The shade does not go unnoticed, goes viral wherever it goes, and makes any outfit cooler. For those minimalist women who don't want to be immersed in the color, don't worry: just use it to brighten up and add positivity to your look.

Lime green: how to wear it

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As bold as it may be, lime green allows combinations with other shades that can be used to compose incredible looks. Even when presented on shoes!

For this, it is necessary to think about the intention of the look. If you opt for something less showy, lime green dialogues with chromatic accords close to blue, for example. If the idea is a casual look, the choice can be for pink, violet, or orange. For more sophistication, not necessarily allied to monochrome, coordinate with earthy or neutral tones, such as beige and cream, which work as a base to create points of intensity.

The best part is that this color also matches with all kinds of accessories.

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