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FASHION | 07.12.2021

ComebackFashion: the 90s is the trend of the moment

And Vizzano warns: it's okay to feel nostalgic and invest in the fashion of this era!

The 90s were emblematic when it comes to fashion. A time period that continues to conquer stylists and influencers from all over the world! And the comeback of the moment has a lot to do with TikTok, where young Generation Z people (born from 1995 to 2010) moved emotions of nostalgia and the look of that decade regained the spotlight. Of course, we cannot forget the influence of pop culture that was, and still is, the source of the main inspirations.

We know that fashion is cyclical, everything that goes, comes back. But this time there is a lot of emotion involved. After all, when everything seems confusing, even the closet, we look into our past to find ourselves again! And today, the outfits that coordinate with trends of the 90s have gone from the screens to the most original and authentic streets. Even with exquisite appearances, because, in addition to the casual cool look that this decade consecrated (baggy pants and T-shirts with English messages, for example), each production aligns with several other styles, such as sportswear. Cool, huh?

And Vizzano presents models inspired by the 90s! Several options that squander beauty and refinement for you to experience this fantastic period of fashion history!

Sneakers are always ravishing! Famous in pop culture for inserting more personality to the looks, logomania has allied itself with several models, making them indispensable items! The reason? A desire for exclusivity, which includes bold colors and details. The result is to stand out in urban fashion, one of the rules of the 90s!

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And going back in time is the same as adopting a retro look! The strappy sandal, with straps that are tied at the ankle, recalls the best of the street style of the time, when celebrities created fashionista combinations with slip dress. The clog too, revering trends from other decades — studs and transparent vinyl. Along with the sandal, a powerful and sophisticated femininity is manifested. The same goes for the mule that recalls the comfort of micro heels and coordinates with the contemporary reinterpretation of the 90s: minimalist pieces.

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