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FASHION | 11.03.2022

Match the all-black look with Vizzano\'s new releases!

Learn how to use the color in the hottest days and still give a colorful touch with exclusive footwear.

The rule of the right color for each season stopped being a trend a long time ago. What counts when it is time to choose is your personality, which, immediately, promotes the feeling of dressing by your own rules. And that is what women want today!

Black is a great example of what has already become a fashion myth. If this is your favorite shade, you don't have to drop it, especially on hot days. It is possible to wear it (or put some pinches of it) with a lot of style and comfort, betting on light fabrics, wide models that leave a lot of skin exposed (and that are super trendy).

Other options: short or midi dresses are perfect alternatives. There are also slip dresses, sporty garments that retain less heat, as well as pantacourt, tank tops, and croppeds. There are many suggestions, but what would they be without an outstanding pair of shoes? Get ready because Vizzano reveals the launches of the month and that will serve as points of contrast so that all your production is also energizing. Check them out

Highlighter point

As mentioned, the black dress makes it easier to put together a look, since there are plenty of models, from the shortest to those with strategic cuts, such as in the back or on the sides of the body. To make the outfit more imposing, how about the strappy sandals in tile tone to make all the difference in the all-black look?

Shine on the details!

For sure, you must know already that the trend of the moment is the cropped, right? Despite the meme, which is an imperative for women to embrace self-esteem, the piece has taken an essential place in the closet, whether accompanied by shorts or skirts. Versatile, it can form a set to compose a monochromatic look or be the sex appeal touch under a blazer or jacket. It is possible to create sophisticated outfits in high temperatures, you know? And the perfect Vizzano release for this look is the sandal boot, with its outstanding tractor sole, which is already on the fashionistas' wish list.

Shade variations

Sportswear has its own fabrics that do not retain heat. Besides being soft, they allow a variety of combinations. And there's more: today we are living the new athleisure wave, which mixes the comfort of the sportive look with sophisticated features. To create looks in this mood, pick what matches you and top it off with the sneaker, which combines shades of green, blue and pink, and the new shoulder bag with the logo fever shining the V for Vizzano in gold. Contrast of authenticity!

Completely sculptural!

Pantacourt pants have arrived a few seasons ago and stayed because they are stylish, comfortable, have a wide modeling and its soft fabric works very well on hot days. With these pants it is also possible to invest in the cut-out trend (pieces with assertive cuts that leave the skin exposed). Nothing like counting on two super new scarpin styles, which reveal the feet and highlight the protagonism of the ankle ties.


All new releases are already available in both physical and online stores. Get your favorite right now!




As a fashion trendsetter, Vizzano celebrates the personality of sophisticated women who know their own style very well.


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