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Top trend: detalles maximalistas

The growing popularity is a sign for you to try this maxi-daring trend!

Have you heard about of the fashion trend that can't be missing from your closet? It's this: maximalist details adorning the straps of your favorite Vizzano models. Accompanying the dopamine fashion movement (which inspires the use of intense and vibrant colors), the increased search for this style also relates to the desire for more brightness and boldness in the look.

Know that maxi accessories exalt the female personality and refinement is what draws attention to this trend! In addition to the space for unusual combinations (such as the mix between prints and textures). Considering that this season is the time to rescue authenticity, maximalism is one of the consecrated paths, especially for being present in clothes, earrings, bracelets, etc... A variety of options to elevate your productions daily!

How to coordinate maxi details?

Dopamine fashion

Dopamine Dress it's about wearing colors that elevate the mood coupled with clothes that leave us with the feeling of happiness! Since maximalist fashion is also about intensity, then bet on warm (like orange) and cold (like light turquoise) tones to result in a fashionista look. Another tip is to invest in oversized pieces, also trademarks of this style, which allow the breaking of several fashion rules, such as a look composed of wide leg pants that aligns with Vizzano's clog! It will look beautiful!

Mix n' Match

Textures and prints are key points of maximalism and you can invest in your favorite snake texture or animal print. And they are highly acclaimed by influencers for being timeless, always fitting current trends with extreme ease. Here, it only takes harmony, such as opting for the same color chart of cold tones when it comes to creating the combinations that can not do without the flat, a casual fashion wildcard.

Make it glamorous!

Maximalism is also about beauty and glamour. After all, each piece is chosen by hand, because the accessory that presents the trend needs to fit as a protagonist. That is why the style meets the female desire for a sophisticated and expressive fashion. Especially because, today, women prioritize when it comes to dressing and want to be more authentic in outfits.

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