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Top 5 Vizzano: get to know the new trends!

Aware that #VizzanoLovers want novelties, we reveal what are the must-haves of the moment.

The amazing side of keeping an eye on what's on the radar is about this: inserting new fashion experiences into the closet, always aiming for boldness, expression of sex appeal, and attitude. All with your personal signature. Keep in mind that women's desire today is for exuberant pieces (remarkable platform heels) and intense tones (such as fuchsia).

It is worth saying that the platform sandal (which we will tell you more about in the next paragraph) represented an important kick for maximalist looks, which embrace a little bit of everything, without fear! Allied to other needs when it comes to today's fashion: comfort, intensity, and sculptural shapes (the same goes for accessories, such as bags, whose new collection you can check out after you finish reading this post).

Cool, isn't it? And Vizzano's forecast is up to date with everything and reveals the must-haves:


Double Platform Heel

There is no way to deny that the comeback of the time involves some of the main trends of the 2000s. As fashion is cyclical, which means that trends come and go, this creative time is still in high demand, drawing attention and even brought the #sexyback - a style that favors more exposed skin, like the cut-out that we have mentioned several times here, right?

In the spotlight are the double platform heel styles, a name in English that is translated by the large design that, at a glance, seems to incorporate two platforms, offering even more height. It was on feeds that the pink and satin gloss version went viral, starring in the outfits of fashion influencers and celebrities (from Beyoncé to Maude Apatow). Bringing the throwback look of Y2K style (Year Two Thousand or 2000s) and a success for also having a square toe and block heel.

Now, these sandals have countless interpretations in terms of design and multiple colors, such as jade green. Rising the status of fashionistas day and night

In demand: fuchsia

Talking about color, pink is sharing the fashion scene with fuchsia, which is already in clothes, shoes, and accessories. The reason? The magenta chromatic palette is in the spotlight.

Called Orchid Flower, the color was elected by the WGSN site (specialized in trends) as the key color of 2022. And there is an explanation why women surrendered to it: it is perfect for monochromatic looks.


Fashion sneakers

Fashion sneakers are updated and more stylish. The time has come for designs that have a vibrating and differentiated chromatic range, flatform soles, and a high-top silhouette (high cut). The booties, as you also know them, are timeless and functional in any temperature and mood. By the way, Lily Collins and Fernanda Paes Leme love them!


Animal print

Animal print is another trend that cannot be left out of your closet! Introduced in the 40's, clothes and shoes with this chic & cool print circulated for a long time. But, then again, it was in the 2000s that it established itself and, currently, has become one of the most requested presences from the catwalks to the street style. Follower, singer Rihanna has already paraded with many looks, always adding her personality.


Shearling fever

Several brands have banned animal products and are investing in other raw material alternatives. That is why we have the term Fake Fur Textures, which means false fur textures, representing a conscious and ethical behavior.

And you may have already encountered this reference in several ways: fake faux (vocabulary of renowned brands), fleece (wool) and sherpa (sheep's wool). Today, shearling is used, which reproduces the cozy look of sheep's wool. Anyway, the finishing provides a sophisticated look and instantly reshapes outfits!

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