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Its ok to combine bag and shoes, huh?

Vizzano has irresistible bags that will give more authenticity to your looks!

The fashion super tuned in women that follow Vizzano's blog already know that bags are impactful and can innovate the outfit. In addition, they add more style to productions and even determine new looks. And for this season it would be no different, as these accessories are even more striking and fashionistas.

The must-have bags now have a lot of color, shine and various shapes. From the already well-known tote to bucket bags, Vizzano presents the trends and, as an aside, suggests shoes so that you may combine them with each other with mastery!

A shade of nature: tile red

Handbags are increasingly portable in size and this gives them the opportunity to be contemplated with unique fashion information. The newbie by Vizzano has Lezard texture and two handles — one of which is graced by chains. And the outfit will be of pure acclaim with the sandal that has slim heel (thinner design), in the same tone to deliver a harmonious aesthetic and connected with natural beauty.

Perfect Look: tile red is the focal point and you can add smooth patterns to create a production that is minimalist but still totally personalized!

Straight from the 90s: Bucket bag

Known as bag purse, it has gained a bolder update by Vizzano, having two handles so that it can be carried by hand or with a shoulder strap. In fact, it reveals the current love of structured looks and sculptural heels - like the triangle heel. In pink, this duo is worthy of several likes on your feed!

Perfect Look: considering that the protagonist color of this combo is pink, combine with prints or bet on monochrome, adopting pastel tones, such as baby pink.


Braided look

Black is one of the shades that returned to the spotlight at the end of last year and it does not even look like it, right? After all, it is the wildcard that everyone has, if only a single piece. But it is a fact that this classic has returned to female taste, amid the predominance of the dopamine movement in 2021, as there is a desire to keep what is familiar close by. There was the influence of the return to work too and the basic black will always be law!

Perfect Look: lined with the braided, highlight finish of the tote bag and boot by Vizzano, you employ sophistication. Even, you have two timeless items that easily transition to the still requested natural look, which rocks in the autumn-winter season because of the handmade feature that provides more coziness.



Forever metallic!

If you thought logomania would say goodbye, you were wrong! The trend has never been as prestigious as it is now, since, just like sneakers, this detail represents the desire of women to raise their own status! Now Vizzano has applied the gold metallic effect on the initial V on the heel and the strap of the handbag. The best part is that all these minutiae easily coordinate with various styles and value the female presence.

Perfect Look: for a refined presentation, the tip is to direct the gaze to the metallic particularities. You can insert to the look jewels of the same golden proposal and the same goes for buttons, studs and buckles. Or you can be a risk-taker by betting on items with silver plating.



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