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Time for white boots!

Back in the fashion world, the shoe has already won over #VizzanoLovers and is responsible for adding plenty of style to the looks.

White boots have always divided opinions, since the 80s. But the boom in these shoes returned in 2012 and, despite the ups and downs, they have been gaining acceptance. Today, it is a must-have for fashionistas such as Silvia Braz, Giovanna Ewbank, and Sabrina Sato, and is starring in street style day and night. Becoming a must-have item!

Especially because its appearance (either ankle or combat boot) innovates and imprints attitude. Not to mention that the boot can finish the look in the place of sneakers or black boots, in the company of jeans, dresses, and jumpsuits. And there's more: its versatility comes precisely from its neutral color, which matches with intense shades or monochromatic prints.

Ever tried it? It is possible to gradually incorporate the white boot, by using it as a base to assemble the rest of the outfit. Discreet, but fashionable, because the shoe will shine together with other items in your closet that represent you, as well as colors and accessories.

Want more tips? Yes, we have them! Ready to bust the monotony?

Bold look!


The step for those who want a bold profile. Among stylists, this is the mood in which the basics get a dash of drama (you can think of something like The Devil Wears Prada, right?). The outfits can have a rocker look, which exudes contemporaneity and carries interesting elements, such as biker jackets and black bags, which match perfectly with the white boot. Another option is the all jeans composition: oversized modeling, asymmetric bars, and contrasting accessories.

A dose of monochromy


Even though the shoes are of a neutral color and an all-white look symbolizes the apogee of every fashionista, it is possible to put together different looks, with sophisticated expressions, adding accessories and shine. Metallic variations can acquire another status if finished with the white boot: pure glamour!




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