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Transparent vinyl, knots and knit cry for bold looks that celebrate the return of street style.

The ability to predict what will be trending, including colors, shapes, sophisticated materials, has been a constant of Vizzano's forecast. And you know that our curation always reveals the must-haves that, this time, are down to the smallest detail of best-selling models!

On the rise, three trends that are sweeping the world and that you can use to compose your outfit in the coming months: transparent vinyl, knot and knit.

The pump of the moment has transparent vinyl skirting its design. A wildcard among influencers and celebrities, it prints more brightness to feminine outfits, especially due to the presence of studs. In shades such as pink (translating the dopamine movement that reconnects us with intense and vibrant colors), the model results in exclusivity and boldness.

With the return of street style, knots are quite in demand on hot days! In the sandals, the detail connects with the artisan made trend (trend that values the handmade look and was a success at the latest Milan fashion week) and adds more charm to the outfits. Among earthy tones are orange and pink, the coveted of the season, which leave the strips more striking and ready for uncomplicated looks.

Of course, we could not stay out of the resumption world trend: casual sports in knit. Delivering more dynamism that fits in every moment. In addition to being super comfortable, the shades match any production.

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