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Acqua, The Fancy color of the season

The trend, with inspiration in technology and at the same time, in nature, adds refinement, sophistication and positivity to your fashion looks.

Acqua makes its debut at Vizzano, as a positive shade that emerged with everything this season, and that will soon be in stores. This electric and bold blue, with futuristic and innovative mood, is part of our day to day, and you know how? The color has a technological appeal, with great presence on the main websites and social networks, immersing in digital culture and the arrival of the 5G network. It represents an interactive and ultra-connected environment, with greater participation of augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

In the real world, the color, which is related to balance and assists in communication, is widely found in nature – in stones and in the oceans – and has been used since ancient times in the production of luxury pieces and jewelry. Today, Acqua has definitely established itself in fashion, being applied in various sectors, including in decoration.

The hue adds a good dose of Joyful Expression, an expression that refers to the inclusion of an optimistic feeling in fashion and in our outfits through vibrant colors, textures and prints. In the dress code, Acqua also stars with exuberance and a lot of sophistication.

Want to know how to wear this novelty? Ultra-versatile, the shade contrasts well with neutral tones such as white, off white, beige, earthy and black, as well as partnering with a bold chart, punctuated by yellow, blue (jeans), pink, red and green. The color vibe also flirts with monochrome looks, another trend that has conquered women's outfits.

Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton (who has re-signified the outfit in this shade countless times!) and Lupita Nyong'o are names that have included the color in everyday life for good. Besids, the hue has been featured on several occasions on the red carpet, in productions of celebrities such as Penelope Cruz and Taylor Swift.

Did you like it? Vizzano has inserted the magnetism of this trend color in the detail of the shoes or in its entirety, collaborating with natural textures – such as ropes and braids - in addition to the puffer effect, in square flats, pumps, wedges and, also, in the bags.

Have you included acqua in your outfits already? Come see the Vizzano options here!


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