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The 2022 season coordinates intense tones and bold looks

And the promise of great looks also, obviously, always together with Vizzano!

Of all the bets that are being made of what will be a must-have in the 2022 season, undeniably, the largest and most in demand for footwear are intense shades. The most contrasting and vibrant tuned in the mood of the season after appearing in the shows of virtually all brands during the main international fashion weeks.

To reinforce this bet, the orange, BIC blue and orchid pink shades have been consecrated by Pantone – a company considered the world authority in color trend generation – for the next season. But those who are not adept at strong tones, do not worry! Connecting the female interest in experimenting with new styles, in an uncomplicated way, neutrals have also undergone updates.

Despite the key point being vibe, the season will also be about refreshing looks, keeping the pastel tones and paler versions trending. The softness of yellow and jeans will have their place in the composition of contemporary looks, as well as off-white and cream (trend alert: the new wildcard of the neutral colors' color chart).

Dopamine fashion

The months have passed and dopamine fashion continues on the radar of major trends. After all, the mood of resumption is the compass towards 2022 and has been asking for the already mentioned intense tones. In addition, multi-colored looks and fashionistas will be able to bet on the color blocking factor.

This great effect factor basically dictates the use of flashy tones (and it is possible to invest in monochrome), and on the feet it couldn't different. A single-colored shoe is essential to balance the "color blocks" that now celebrate orange and pink.

One of Vizzano's classics has boarded this one! In pink, the casual sneaker (which also has a padded appearance) is the brand's best-seller and contemplates a closet that values versatility on a daily basis!

Comfort and sophistication

Comfort is one of the main macro trends. In this sense, flats have invaded the looks of influencers and fashionistas. They are used in casual compositions, but also transit in productions with tailoring pieces and even party dresses.

In this tropical vibe, the new Vizzano model prints elegance with the braided straps, metallic effect and the very requested neutral tone. Indispensable item on the list of #VizzanoLovers that can't live without a touch of glamor.


Handmade translates the resort chic look! The proposal is to value the handmade and natural materials such as crochet, knitting and straw. Along this line, shoes with rustic soles will be the big hit of this and future seasons!

With the undeniably bold heel, the wedges are always the darlings of the hottest days. Functional, for women who do not dispense with high heels on any occasion, they are perfect for creating refreshing productions.

And the Vizzano forecast follows the trend and presents the sandal with all these features that insert even the folk in the outfit. In addition to being great to favor the silhouette.

Triangle heel

Design and fashion have come together and become the right trend! Geometric heels won the shoes that automatically received the status of works of art. Getting into the taste of it-girls.

The already known cup heel gave way to the must-have of the moment: triangle heel. The geometric design is lush and a great choice for the composition of imposing and unusual outfits. It's no wonder Beyoncé couldn't resist it, huh?

For this season, Vizzano coordinates the geometric heel with the coveted hues of the moment: jeans, baby pink (a pastel version of pink) and pale yellow. And the charm of the ankle mooring that, along with all these factors, still navigates the vibe of the 90s (as nostalgia is also a trend in 2022).

Everyone ready to guarantee the glam factor of the season? These novelties are already in physical and online stores across the country!


As a fashion trendsetter, Vizzano celebrates the personality of sophisticated women who know their own style very well.


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