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Vizzano presents: the new line of loafers!

Come meet (and choose!) your new essential which is super bold and refined.

Over the decades, the Moccasin has gone from exclusive status in the men's closet to being the versatile finish of women's productions. This happened mainly due to the influence of street style, which always cries out for new interpretations in fashion, even more so when we talk about products from the past. In this way, the shoe (which is now also called loafer) always comes back renewed and this does not interfere with its main characteristic: being timeless. Combining timelessness with increasingly polished looks, Vizzano presents the new lines (spoiler: that have arrived this month at the stores) of a shoe that fits every season for the #VizzanoLovers!

Winning and conquering, also, in other particularities that mark its design and finish — comfort and style.

It's even worth leaving the styling rule before you run to the closest store, or give that very lively click in your favorite online store, and guarantee your future darling: leave it totally on display when it comes to elaborating the outfits. So, everyone ready?

1. Classic but bold!

The classic moccasins by Vizzano have once again stepped out of the comfort zone, proving to be bolder in their finishing materials. Having an indispensable aesthetic for fashionistas who want elegance and personality in daily wear. It is worth including homewear too, because the home office periods also dictate the needs of today's times: effortless pieces (that transition from one moment to another without effort) and with lasting quality.

And the duo proves such facts, in addition to impressing power through the cherry tone and the metallic + glitter effect accompanied by the romantic ribbon — this detail, the darling of Selena Gomez, The Olsen twins and Lana Del Rey. Can you resist different touches? 

2. Modern touch

Modern touch (1369 line) Just by looking, these moccasins create the imaginary of dressing like the classic actresses of cinema, such as Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich. Or the eternal Princess Diana. Women who have become reference points in the fashion world by re-signifying once-masculine pieces. Making them synonymous with self-confidence and feminine sophistication.

And Vizzano took the opportunity to signal that this is the time to unite this atmosphere of the past with on-trend details that transfer grandeur to neutral tones. Like the conjunction between square shape and chains and buckles for you to rise up boyish style or tailoring.

Did you like it? Vizzano's new moccasin lines are already in online and physical stores in Brazil. And do not forget! Check in weekly here on the blog, to stay informed about the next trend that will transform your outfit of the day!


As a fashion trendsetter, Vizzano celebrates the personality of sophisticated women who know their own style very well.


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