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Vizzano Sneakers: the fashion darling of all occasions

The new line is synonymous with success in urban fashion and awaits you at the nearest store!

Have you noticed that sneakers are increasingly stylized with on-trend information? This is due to the behavior that has become a new norm: the union between comfortable lifestyle + uncompromising street style that speaks for itself. Points that contribute to get them a new image for each season and beloved trendsetters, such as Lily James, Zendaya and Dakota Johnson, confirm this thesis by always projecting, with just one click, the desire for what is comfy without giving up a totally cool look.

Synonymous with status, these sports shoes went out of the basic mood, printing several bold details and contrasting colors in a single model. Reverencing, even, the white tone that remains the moment! It is worth mentioning that, in addition to urban fashion, such shoes are workplace wildcards, a place where this trend has emerged because of technological advances that have driven, and continue to drive, functionality in everyday life.

And Vizzano does not miss the chance to embark on what is a trend and the new sneakers have arrived in stores with exclusive differentials for fashionistas to rock around. And, so no one is left out the brand lists the reasons for you to secure yours right now!


Black, light turquoise or white, which is your darling? Everyone values what #VizzanoLovers do not give up when it comes to crafting a mix between sportswear and casual wear: versatility. Black has a retro look, white is the easy addition to your productions and light turquoise will continue on the fashion radar until Winter 2023. Longevity is also with Vizzano, you know?

Powerful shoelaces

Whether with the power suit in bold colors, things that Cate Blanchett approves without blinking, or romantic pieces that get sturdy when finished with a bomber jacket, the twist of these sneakers is in the shoelaces in vibrant tones. Including logomania, a 2000s revival that has perpetuated itself as a culture of celebrities and TV characters (Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City!). Both bring to your closet the personalization by Vizzano.

Striking soles

It is for the height that women have fallen in love with sports shoes and the versions by Vizzano also bring the earthy tone that punctuates the sole in a supertrendy way! Clearly, a surprising trio that, the tip is, favors productions with dresses and skirts that go down to the calf. And write it down: the elevated silhouette has no time to leave, so invest without fear!

The sneakers are already available in physical and online stores in Brazil, #VizzanoLovers! And don't forget to check in weekly here on the blog to stay informed about the next trend that will conquer you and your outfit!


As a fashion trendsetter, Vizzano celebrates the personality of sophisticated women who know their own style very well.


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