Life is a stage

3,2,1... The Vizzano show is about to start and all the spotlight is on the most talked-about fashionista of the season: you! After all, on the mega stage set up by the brand, every woman is a star with her own sparkle, with the power to attract hundreds of flashes, inspire street style and, of course, win over a legion of passionate fans!

Who will be by her side on this tour that promises to be the talk of the town? Latin pop stars Anahí, Dulce Maria, and Maite Perroni! With the charisma of those who draw crowds around the world, the trio represents the power glam of Vizzano, owner of the most coveted closets with a mix of statement pieces that never leave the top of the charts!

Photo Shooting

In an exclusive shoot, the stars show off the hottest new arrivals of the season! Sneakers, sandals, pumps, sunglasses, bags... It's\ time to choose your favorites!

Fashion Film


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