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    Top trend: detalles maximalistas

    The growing popularity is a sign for you to try this maxi-daring trend! Have you heard about of the fashion trend that can't be missing from your closet? It's this: maximalist details adorn...

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    The main trends in boots for a match with your style

    Check here a special wishlist of Vizzano models for you to rock your looks all year long. Boots These boots - also called combat boots - are influenced by the military universe, a trend known as u...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 28.01.2022

    Novelties in heels for you to update your closet!

    The shoes of the moment coordinate geometric design and the colors of the season. A new trend of heels has been paraded around and has not gone unnoticed: the sculptural heels (also known as geometri...

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  • FASHION | 28.01.2022

    The colorful shoes that will elevate the look of your outfits

    Touch of color is the essential detail that can not be missing in the closet of fashionistas! The basic black is a wildcard, but the colorful shoes are gaining space in the heart of fashion influence...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 27.01.2022

    The 2022 season coordinates intense tones and bold looks

    And the promise of great looks also, obviously, always together with Vizzano! Of all the bets that are being made of what will be a must-have in the 2022 season, undeniably, the largest and most in d...

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